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Taoyuan Jin 金桃源 makes work about home and away, the self and place, & the everyday. 
She is interested in the theorization of travel as a range of interdisciplinary practices, situating oneself in relation to a questionable, stable & constant home. In her research, she investigates the representation of transnational migration, identity politics, and the “open road” in experimental ethnographic films. 

Taoyuan was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. She holds a BA from Emerson College and an MFA from Duke University. She currently lives in Los Angeles. 


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1. IMG_2002


HD video, 16mm, 4:06 min, 2018
Cambridge, MA

Music by Haron





2. IMG_2005                         


HD video, 6:44 min, 2021
Durham, NC 

Music by t.A.T.u. , Peter Gabriel, IZ*ONE



3. IMG_2008


HD video, 7:32 min, 2015-21

Video file IMG_2008 is a diary project made from iPhone camera roll archive. It is an attempt to represent the fragmentation of time spent in waiting, speculating, and looking through the surfaces of different objects for a pristine (futile) image of the everyday. 


4. how to build a House of Yang (阳宅)



HD video, 9:26 min looped, 2021
Durham, NC 
Building upon found 3D architectural visualization footage from the Internet, how to build is a project that explores the reconfigurtaion of location and home, affect and aesthetic, through the technological gestures of floating and surveilling.